dimanche 27 septembre 2009

André Larochelle, une autorité en entomologie

Nous faisons souvent un post-mortem élogieux de nos scientifiques. Voici un scientifique, mon frère ainé, qui m'a vraiment marqué par son amour pour la nature et sa rigeur scientifique.

Tel qu'il apparait sur leur site:

Our Profils

My name is André Larochelle, I was born and educated in Québec, graduating in 1974 with a Brevet d’Enseignement spécialisé from the Université du Québec à Montréal. I taught ecology at the Collège Bourget, Rigaud, Québec, until 1990. With the encouragement of the late carabid specialist Carl H. Lindroth, I very quickly became interested in the study of ground-beetles. From 1975 to 1979 I was the co-editor of two entomological journals, Cordulia and Bulletin d’inventaire des insectes du Québec. From 1986 to 1992, I was honorary curator to the Lyman Entomological Museum and Research Laboratory, McGill University, Québec. In 1992, I moved to New Zealand to work as a research scientist. Currently, I am a Research Associate with the New Zealand Arthropod Collection, Landcare Research, Auckland. I have written over 400 papers on the distribution, ecology, biology, and dispersal power of North American carabids and other insects (including two handbooks on the Heteroptera of Québec). In 1990 I published “The food of carabid beetles of the world”; in 1993, with Yves Bousquet, I co-authored a “Catalogue of Carabidae of America North of Mexico”; and in 2001 and 2003, with my wife Marie-Claude, we published a “Natural History of the tiger beetles of North America North of Mexico” and “A Natural History of Carabidae” for the same region. My currrent main research interests are the faunistics and taxonomy of New Zealand ground-beetles on which I have co-authored three Fauna of New Zealand contributions (Catalogue of Carabidae, 2001; Revision of tribe Harpalini, 2005; Synopsis of supraspecific taxa, 2007). I also like to provide electronic information on ground-beetles on the internet via The New Zealand Carabidae website. Since 1992, Marie-Claude and I are actively involved in specialised field inventory, surveying carabids in over 1000 localities, to gain a better understanding of the taxonomy, natural history, and biogeography of New Zealand species.

et leur dernier né:  Fauna of New Zealand 60

Carabidae : synopsis of supraspecific taxa

Insecta: Coleoptera

Larochelle, A.; Larivière. 2007. Carabidae (Insecta : Coleoptera): synopsis of supraspecific taxa. Fauna of New Zealand 60, 188 pages. (ISSN 0111-5383; no. 60). ISBN 978-0-478-09394-0. 21 November 2007.
Fauna N.Z. 60 Carabidae synopsis

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